Adelio Lattuada S.r.l


The company was founded in Carbonate (Co), Italy in 1978, and since then development has been continuous, now boosting a committed staff of 35 including Adelio’s son Nicola, and daughter Michela, all designing, building and testing the machines from their own premises in Carbonate.

The strong points of all Lattuada’s products are focused on their simple use, their long life, the high processing quality and the limited maintenance required. These are all due to their close ‘in-house’ control of the design and assembly criteria. Their pride is in their ability to skilfully personalize all their models in order to best adapt them to meet their customers’ differing needs.

The current extensive machine range includes:

  • 30+ models of electronic or PC controlled straight-line edging machines with 5 to 15 wheels, for flat edging and/or mitring
  • 12+ models of electronic or PC controlled straight-line bevelling machines with 7 to 14 wheels including 2 models of combination bevelling and edging machines.
  • A complete range of double-edgers from 8 to 11 wheels per side, for the flat edging.
  • 4 models of automatic corner grinding machines.
  • 15 models of vertical washing machines.
Adelio Lattuada’s Highlights

  • More than 2,000 machines sold worldwide.
  • 75-80% of production exported to a total of 90 different countries.
  • More than 90% of satisfied customers have purchasing a second machine!

2015 proved to be a satisfying for Lattuada as they doubled the confirmed sales of their highly respected “TLS” range of edging machines. The “TLS” models are uniquely able to process glass up to 100mm in thickness with glass sheet weights up to 1500 Kg. Demand for the “TLS” models, has been dramatically increasing and Lattuada are proud to state that “we are the only one able to vertically process these huge thicknesses!”

The extensive range of Lattuada machines offer flexibility, ease of operation and simple maintenance procedures.



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