Deltamax Automazione brings together over twenty years of expertise in the area of industrial automation and machinery controls. Deltamax’s vision is: –

”to provide its customers with innovative technologies, in order to improve quality and efficiency”.

Deltamax Automazione designs and manufactures industrial optical inspection systems, allowing the inspection and control of glass quality throughout the production process, with immediate response time allowing quick identification and correction of defects.

Glass is a material in which defects and flaws are not necessarily easy to identify. The manual identification of these defects requires a high level of concentration and attention by the operator, which cannot be expected for shift after shift.

Deltamax has developed a range of vertical and horizontal systems that can be installed within new or existing processing lines, for the automatic inspection of flat glass. These integrated scanning systems are fully programmable to allow individual levels of fault detection. Scratches, inclusions, bubbles, finger marks and even smudges etc. are readily identified through user defined quality levels. These features allow complete automation of the quality inspection process and removes dependency on operator concentration. Reports can be generated detailing production history, faults and trends.


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