Forvet is a name that is known and respected around the world for their innovative, purpose-built glass processing machinery.

Forvet’s high performance machines are designed to solve some of the unique problems facing today’s glass fabricators, including rapid & precise drilling & milling (the Forvet “Francesca” range) & high speed glass edge processing (the Forvet “Chiara” & “Multiflex” range).

These machines have set the standard for glass processing and are the machines of choice for advanced glass fabricators.

Located in the automotive and aerospace region of Torino Italy, this company was founded in 1990 with the goal of designing & manufacturing only highly specialized, unique glass processing machines designed to solve many of the special niche problems facing glass processors.

Forvet’s recent introduction of a fully integrated Water-Jet cutting function within the “Francesca” range of milling/drilling models, has proven to be an outstanding solution offering high speed and low tooling cost processing of hinges and cut-outs. This system also demonstrates Forvet’s world leading engineering expertise as they can claim to be the only company producing a self-referencing, fully automatic water-jet solution.

Highly respected as reliable processing machines, the “Francesca” and “Chiara” edge processing machines have been installed as both single installations and complete lines in many Australian and New Zealand companies. They have proven to be reliable, high performance systems without equal within this market sector.

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