Macotec S.r.l


Macotec is a specialist company supplying automatic cutting machines for both float and laminated glasses. Whilst a dynamic modern company, it enjoys a long history in the glass industry and offers one of the most extensive ranges of cutting equipment available in the world today.

Macotec rapidly became a leader in the glass cutting field, by listening to their customers’ needs and responding with new approaches to achieving the best solutions, whilst always employing the latest technical innovations.

Macotec are proud of their reputation of offering consistent high quality and outstanding reliability, which are both inherent in their machines. To this day the dedicated teams of specialist engineers strive to produce innovative machines, whilst demonstrating a passion to find the best solution for each individual customer’s requirements.

Macotec, as a specialist cutting machine manufacturer, have been able to develop a large product range whilst retaining a level of flexibility and the essential ability to rapidly adapt itself to the ever changing market needs. Their large factory in Rogolo, Northern Italy, encompasses all areas of the in-house manufacturing process including design, fabrication, painting, assembly and quality control. Specialized components are sourced from internationally recognized companies, thus ensuring a machine package offering inherent reliability, as well as component supply that will be available for many years into the future.

Macotec have built a very strong reputation within the glass industry for their high levels of service, characterized by competence, courtesy and attention to detail toward all customers.

Importantly, Macotec have invested heavily in their own software department, developing programs that allow fast data entry, processing and optimizing. Importantly, this software has been specifically designed with an open architecture structure that allows complete integration with other suppliers’ software systems.

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