Officine Mistrello


Few companies in the glass technology sphere have as much history as Officine Mistrello. Nearly 200 years of metal-working know-how, combined with huge enthusiasm, have resulted in the creation of this fifth generation company, Officine Mistrello. “Mistrello” has established itself in the flat glass industry as a respected specialist in the design and construction of storage and handling machinery.

For over twelve years Mistrello has been specialized in the construction of the most technologically advanced storage and handling systems for the glass industry. Given their extreme versatility, these systems can be installed in any factory and connected to any existing or new cutting machines, offering numerous advantages as they can be fully customized to each project’s specific requirements.

Mistrello’s racking and loading-unloading systems have been designed and constructed to guarantee the best production efficiencies whilst maintaining and increasing operator safety.

Mistrello’s high quality systems come in a wide range of models and, together with OGA’s extensive local backup and experience, are knowledgeable partners offering effective and valuable solutions to all and any of your glass handling and storage challenges.

The Mistrello range includes: –

  • Concertina racking systems in all sizes with manual &/or automatic movement.
  • Automatic concertina racking systems to operate with auto loading systems.
  • Automatic floor mounted vacuum selection and loading systems.
  • Automatic gantry &/or crane mounted vacuum loading systems.
  • Automatic off-cut storage and retrieval systems.
  • Tilt loading and/or transfer tables as well as stock control and selection software.

For more information:

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