In this age of ever-increasing water conservation requirements, Separatoren-Technik & Anlagenbau GmbH (STA), Germany, manufacture an extensive range of high quality centrifugal waste water processing systems.

STA has developed a range of reliable and efficient centrifugal waste water processing machines which will offer substantial savings through: –

  • Substantial reductions in processing water usage.
  • Major reductions in processing machinery maintenance and cleaning processes.
  • Extended service life of connected processing machinery.

The systems can be installed on existing machines, without the need for troublesome filters or expensive chemical agents such as flocculants. The grinding sludge is removed from the recirculated water through an efficient and environmentally friendly centrifugal system.

Clogging of the machine coolant lines and time-consuming cleaning of collection tanks is significantly reduced, if not completely eliminated.

As environmental issues continue to move to the forefront of efficient production processes, STA offer new and innovative ways to assist the glass processing industry. OGA, as experienced partners in this pursuit, can provide you with products, knowledge and technology to deliver proven solutions for all your glass processing water treatment needs.


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